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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I in collections?

Creditors expect account balances to be paid in a set amount of time. If the account is not paid within that time, they may send the account to a collection agency for assistance in collecting the balance.

I’ve been making payments.  Isn’t it illegal for the creditor to send it to collections?

A creditor may send the account to a collection agency if the account balance is not paid in the allowed time frame. Being on a payment plan or making payments does not always stop this process.

They told me I would only need to pay $X.XX, but you’re billing me for $Y.YY.

A medical provider can only estimate the amount of the charges prior to the procedure being completed, and they only have limited access to your insurance plan information. Complete calculation of the charges can take time, and your insurance provider is the only one who can determine your final responsibility.

This date of service was a long time ago. What took so long for you to bill me?

Medical providers have a limited time to bill your insurance provider.  Once filed it can take additional time to complete due to questions that need to be answered and appeals that may need to be filed. Each state has a time limit in which the provider must have billing started, but this can be up to 10 years in some areas.

I went to the ER, but left before I received any services. Why am I being billed?

Billing begins when you sign into the ER. The staff must evaluate your symptoms and determine the urgency of your case. Your information must be entered into the computer and insurance must be verified. Even if you leave without seeing the doctor or having any tests performed, you will be charged for the services of the admission staff.

I went to a facility that I have gone to before, and they were in my insurance network. Now I am getting billed because they are no longer in my network. Why should I have to pay the higher charge when they never told me they were no longer contracted with my insurance?

It is every consumer’s responsibility to know what facility or doctor is in their network. The medical provider may try to notify you when changes are made, but they are under no obligation to do so

I am being billed for something called “SADS”. What is that?

Self-Administered Drugs (SADS) are drugs Medicare does not cover. Due to non-coverage, these charges are dropped to the patient responsibility portion.   If you have questions, contact your Medicare provider.

I took a child to the hospital, but I am not responsible for the charges. Why am I getting billed?

When a minor child is taken for treatment, the accompanying adult signs paperwork authorizing the treatment and taking responsibility for the bill. If there is someone else who should be held responsible for the bill, please contact the dispute resolution team to discuss what documentation will be required  to change the responsible party on the account.  We can be contacted at 888-231-4739.

I went to a hospital in my network but now I am getting billed for a doctor who was not in network.

Hospitals often have doctors working in their facility who are not employed by the hospital. If you contact your insurance provider and appeal their decision, you may be able to get them to pay more since you did not have a choice of the provider.

My Explanation of Benefits (EOB) shows I don’t owe you as much as you say.

Send us a copy of your EOB, and we will have it reviewed.  Keep in mind that medical providers are not obligated to discount the charges if they do not have a contract with the insurance provider.

My baby was in my room the whole time.  Why am I being billed for the nursery?

A bed was reserved for the infant and even if your baby did not use it, it could not be given to another patient, therefore  you are charged for the space.

I called the hospital where I received treatment, and they show that my balance is zero. This bill must be a wrong.

Not all medical staff in the hospital are employed by the hospital. Outside medical staff that are not employed by the hospital may bill you separately. In addition, many hospitals make an adjustment in their system to show a balance of zero when an account is referred to collections.  The department confirming your balance may not be aware that the account is with a collection agency.

Why do you ask for my personal information when I call you or you call me?

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we cannot discuss your personal information with anyone other than you.   We are required to validate that we are speaking to the correct person.  This is to protect your privacy as well as the privacy of others.

Why can’t you talk to my spouse or parent? They are taking care of the bill.

Under HIPAA privacy laws, we cannot discuss your personal information with anyone other than you unless you give us authorization to do so.

I have a Power of Attorney for the responsible party.  What do I need to do so I can take care of the bill?

Please forward it to us for review.  You can email the POA to [email protected] or fax it to 512-719-3738.  Please be sure to include the name of the responsible party, the reference number listed on the correspondence you received from us and your contact information so we can discuss the account with you if necessary.

I paid what my insurance said I owed, but now you are billing me for more money.

Insurance providers review the claims that they paid and if an error is found, they may ask that some or all of the money to be returned to them. When this happens, the patient may be billed for the amount that was refunded to the insurance provider.

I called my insurance provider, and they say you never filed a claim.

Medical providers may send the claim electronically through a third-party service called a clearinghouse. If the clearinghouse finds an error, they reject the claim and return it to the medical provider. When this happens, the insurance provider will not show that the claim was ever filed.